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Opportunities during COVID-19

By, Zahira Alshujaeih @Zahiraalshujaeih -------------------------

During these times COVID-19 has impacted our lives and has disrupted our daily routines. Every minute we are hearing about updates of COVID- 19 and the number of cases, after a while it can put us all in a state of anxiety & uncertainty. I was one of those statistics that was focused on that , but then I began to realize that this is a time of opportunity and not fear. We can choose to look at the glass half empty or full. The past few weeks in quarantine I have taken advantage of the time to learn more & reflect about myself. We have all experienced stress in our lives and felt like we haven’t had enough time to do things that we wanted to do. Time is extremely valuable and we can never get it back, and these past few weeks of isolation has really shown me that everything we give our time to can be taken away from us. Pause, and ask yourself what is your why? Many times when people talk about opportunity it is usually about work, travel, relationships, but what about the individual themselves? I recently graduated from college in May ‘19 and when I left school I had realized that I had become lost in finding opportunities within myself, because I was always so focused on work, school, and the daily routines of my life. I recently realized in these past few weeks of being away from my everyday work routine, that I have been discovering new things about myself. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the routine of our lives that we lose connection with who we are and what we could be, and it is not that we don’t care about our well being, but we are just caught up in the moments of life that we sometimes forget to be stuck in the moment with ourselves. What I have been learning is that we can unfold many more opportunities by discovering the true potential of who we are. Reflect, and Repeat Everyone has their outlet to express themselves. Personally, at the end of everyday I will write in my journal about my moments and feelings that day. I find that writing everything helps to reflect in personal & professional areas of my life. During this time of Quarantine, be in the present moment , find something that helps you reflect and do it everyday. The small things really do matter. When you stay consistent with something it becomes a habit, take this time to develop yourself and find your opportunity within yourself, because no matter what happens today or tomorrow no one can take that from you. When you discover the opportunity within yourself, you unlock your full potential. Some of the most influential speakers such as Jay Shetty, Dan Anderson, Joyce Meyer, Steven Furtick, & Rick Warren have all found the opportunity within themselves before they could be who they are today. To find your opportunity in this world, you first have to find it within yourself.

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