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Hi! Meet Amir Lahijy

He's the Founder Togetherness Media & Hello Hollywood TV

In 2007, Hello Hollywood TV Productions was founded by Amir Lahijy, who also produces and Executive produces all aspects of the Programming.


Hello Hollywood TV Productions is a Los Angeles based Production Company of which he is the sole owner. The programming is internationally broadcast via online and satellite.


Amir Lahijy is the creator and Executive Producer since 1991, he has been serving the respectful international community by providing many innovative, educational, informative and entertaining programs to his international community of viewers. These programs have served numerous regions throughout the world. Beginning in 2004, he developed and included a series of programs that cover the newsworthy events centering in the diverse cultural location of Los Angeles, California. He (Javedan Productions) produced Video Commercials, Music Videos, TV Morning Shows, TV Game Shows with Live Music, Fashion Segments, Hollywood Red Carpet Reports, Late Night Shows, Psychology Segments, LA lifestyle Shows, and LA Attraction content over the years while gaining a considerable following.

Finally, he owned and created the first American-Persian online TV, named "Javedan TV" and "My Persian TV" in July 2007.


He holds a BA degree in Computer Science and a Masters in IT. In May of 2012, he graduated with a Master of Motion Graphics in 3D Animation - TV/Film productions from "Video Symphony" in Hollywood.


The new series of his programs: “Hello Hollywood”, “Fashion in LA”, “LA Lifestyle”, and “Beverly Hills Lifestyle” are being broadcast on the most popular Satellite and Internet TV stations with many viewers across the world. These shows are all online at



He also directed and hosted “Secrets of love & Play” and “From Me to We” which were two Psychology Radio/TV programs on FM HD and YouTube in 2019.


Mr. Lahijy's latest projects are: founding his own international radio station and international television station applications, along with an FM HD Southern California radio station, based in Los Angeles.


His mission is making 24/7 programming, which will include: entertainment, education, news, technology, sciences, psychology and life coaching, Hollywood news, fashion, health and international music. The target demographic is the millennial generation and younger. 


Mr. Lahijy's goal is to use television, radio, internet and satellite (media) to educate the millennial generation and younger, to raise awareness through programs that are created to improve their quality of life and consequently their happiness, and to provide them a platform empowering them to bring about the changes to this world that they can envision, that we all will benefit from.

He (Amir Lahijy) would like to launch a mental care center with the best Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Neuroscientists that will provide needed services to people that do not have insurance and cannot afford these expenses. We hope that you will enjoy our programs and that they will be beneficial to you. Please share with your friends and family.

Meet the Marketing Team

Bonnie Vosough

Kelin Balian

Nazanin Safavi 

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Events and Retreats

We love to spotlight events and retreats that go along with the flow of our mission. We work with many companies that throw events that will enlighten and change the way you view the world, for the better. Stay tuned for local events you won't want to miss. 

If you have any event you want featured on our site, please contact us.

Interviews and Programs

We exist to bring you content that makes you think. We interview business owners, specialist, and basically anyone that has cutting edge knowledge to teach, inspire, and inform the public. From Yoga, to News we are here to bring it to you DAILY.

If you would like to be interviewed on one of our programs, please contact us.

Local and International Advertising

We are here to connect people with the knowledge and services they need. That could be basically anything, so we want to help local businesses connect with our viewers. Together we all succeed.

If you own a local business and you want featured in one of our programs and on our site, please contact us.

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